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Pecunia, si uti scis, ancilla est si nescis, domina

“If you know how to use money, money is your slave; if you don't, money is your master”: our goal is to help anyone who owns, invests, trades cryptocurrencies to be on top of their finance and accounting

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Multi cryptocurrency monitoring and tracking app with thousands of supported coins and exchanges

With a centralized view of all your holding, you will never loose control of your crypto-investments! Safely connect your exchanges with “read-only” credentials, list all your public wallet addresses and then sit and relax: waddlet will do the magic of providing real-time info on your portfolios.

waddlet Features
waddlet Features

Completely private! No user ID required to start using it

We care about your privacy to the point that we don’t even ask you to create a user account! Download the app and then start to use it right away! No User ID, no email address, no Facebook login! Just use it!

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Autosync IconAutosync your account

Connect waddlet to your exchange accounts and list all your wallet addresses; our servers will autosync your holdings and relative transactions in order to understand your overall financial situation

Device Management IconDevice Management

waddlet can run on multiple devices simultaneously: add a new device by simply scanning a QR code

Multilanguage IconMulticurrency and multilanguage

Regional setting allows you to customize non only the language, but also the default fiat, so that you will be able to see your financial situation in your own currency

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Analysis IconAnalyse your transactions

Analytics and insights allow any waddlet user to review transactions and even identify some “missing funds”

Wallet Address IconWallet address management

Every transaction goes and comes from a cryptocurrency wallet address! waddlet allows you to keep track of your owns!

Social Links IconCoin Social Links

Is there a “hot project”? Find the social media account on waddlet! One stop shop for Github and Twitter accounts! No more google research.

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Designed for blockchain and crypto addicted!
We are sure you will find it different and innovative! Enjoy it and spread the word!

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